History / Who we are

Since 1994 we've been meticulously selecting our first grade coffee beans to deliver a complete coffee expérience. Our gourmet coffee roasts are some of the smoothest and most flavorful in the industry. We roast everything from simple and mellow to the boldest and most complex flavors you will find. A single sip and we promise that you'll taste the difference.

Quality Control of Our Roasts

Have you ever experienced a sub-par cup of joe? Chances are it was brewed with second grade coffee beans. Joffee's quality and reputation are unmatched, and that's because we travel far and wide to find the World's best beans. We source from farmers in top bean producing countries such as: Nicaragua, Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica and Brazil. 

We look for several key characteristics in our beans, like moisture content, color and size, to name a few. The best beans come in sacks that are void of any foreign materials, consistent in size and always roast ready. We obtain only top shipments that are green, yellow or blue-green because every roast has a specific color and unique taste profile. We use an Agtron, which is a highly sensitive machine that ensures that the color and taste profile of every roast is consistent and of the highest quality.

At Joffee's we know the ins and outs of coffee roasting, so we make every effort to closely monitor temperature, timing and cool-down to make certain every roast consistently maximizes the absolute potential of the beans—It's why we continue to produce some of the finest coffees on the market.

High Altitude Roasting

High altitude coffee roasting is a method of roasting at altitudes of 3,000 feet and higher, and in our case – 3,250 feet. At Joffee's, we adhere to the theory of matching SHB (strictly hard bean) with high altitude roasting, which creates the perfect environment from the beginning to the end of the roasting cycle. In roasting coffee, high altitude allows for quicker roast development at a lower temperature, avoiding the two most common problems of coffee roasting: baking and scorching. Baking coffee occurs when beans are roasted for too long, and resulting in flavor that is flat and lacks complexity. Scorching coffee occurs when beans are roasted at too high of a temperature causing lack of development and resulting in flavor that is wild and woody. When roasting coffee, heat should be applied at both the lowest temperature possible and for the least amount of time. High altitude roasting helps accomplish these objectives.


Roast Master

Jeff Farris is our in-house Roast Master. Because a Roast Master never stops perfecting his craft, Jeff's journey as Joffee's Coffee Roast Master has no defined beginning or end. His pursuit and passion for the perfect roast profiles have established an environment of continuous learning and constant discovery. Always roasted with the highest degree of craftsmanship, we can ensure that our clients and fellow coffee aficionados will always be met with the highest degree of exacting, discerning taste profiles. With our high elevation roasting methods, and a little help from our Agtron Roast Color Analyzer, Jeff consistently produces the highest quality beans around.

State of the Art facility and Packaging

Joffee's private label program leverages the state of the art packaging system, Wolf VBB 250/KVM12, that will produce 3oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz retail bean and/or ground high-quality four corner bags. This system applies degassing valves with two label applicators for multiple sku's with folding and trim capabilities including tin tie and or receivable tape. The Wolf packaging system's output ranges from 30-40 bags per minute. This allows us to produce 4,000-5,000 bags per day.